Past Activities

>> CODATU 2015, Istanbul, February 2015

SIG-H5 organized a special session “Environment and Energy Issues in Urban Transport in Developing Economies” in the CODATU conference in Istanbul. Five papers were presented.
  • QOL-based Energy and Environmental Sufficiency Seeking Transport and Urban Development: Case Study of Nanjing Under Rapid Urbanization // Fumei Gu, Yoshitsugu Hayashi, and Hirokazu Kato
  • Energy Challenges in Transport Policy: Combined Measures and Decision Making // Rosario Macario
  • Impact of Biofuel Promotion Policy on Thai Road Transportation // Nuwong Chollacoop, Peerawat Saisirirat, Jakapong Pongthanaisawan, Tuenjai Fukuda, Atsushi Fukuda
  • Mode Choice Behaviour of Non-Workers and its Impact on Environment and Energy // M. Manoj and Ashish Verma
  • Analysis of Pedestrian Travel Behavior in Bangalore City and its Environmental Impact // T. M. Rahul and Ashish Verma

>> WCTRS’13 Rio, 14-18 July 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 

SIG7 (our former name) organized 6 sessions with 29 papers in the session H2 - Urban Transport and Traffic management in Developing Countries (SIG 7)

  • H2-1 Transport Planning, Chaired by Ali Huzayyin
  • H2-2 Travel Demand and Projects, Chaired by Pascal Pochet 
  • H2-3 TDM and Economic Measures, Chaired by Varameth Vichiensan 
  • H2-4 Travel Behavior, Chaired by Martin van Maarseveen 
  • H2-5 Railway and Travelers, Chaired by Pan Haixiao
  • H2-6 BRT, Paratransit and Drivers, Chaired by Ashish Verma